Common Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Fur At Home

Storing Mink Or Chinchilla Coats

There is nothing like a drop-dead gorgeous fur coat to add an instant luxe touch to your outfits. Wouldn’t you agree? However, your timeless item that oozes grown-up sophistication needs plenty of care if you want it to be a long-term investment. If well maintained, your vest or jacket will stick with you for a great part of your life, and to prevent it from … [Read more...]

4 Hot Fur Trends You Don’t Want to Miss this Fall

Fur Vests, Jackets and Coats

Fall is already here and you are probably ready to look positively divine wrapped up in a warm fur while defying the chilly air. Nothing is going to make you look more fabulous and warm you up better than a soft and furry coat plus, the advantage of wearing one is that you can simply throw it over a silk blouse or a cashmere dress. There is no need to layer items … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Secondhand Fur

Used Fur Vests and Coats

Do you find yourself drawn to the timeless luxury of a fur coat but dread the thought of the price tag? Fear not, fellow fur lovers, there is hope. A previously owned coat or jacket is the perfect alternative for those looking for a high fashion look without the high cost that goes with it. Secondhand and vintage garments are sold in great condition for really … [Read more...]