America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

On December 31, 2019 Mano Swartz, America’s Oldest Furrier est. 1889, evolved from a brick and mortar store to exclusively an event pop-up retailer.  

For 130 years Mano Swartz has a physical retail fur store in Baltimore City or nearby. Stores including a flagship location on Howard Street during the hay day of inner city shopping to a 14,000 foot store in Towson, Maryland in the 1970s and 1980s as retail moved the suburbs.  The most recent store was located in Green Spring Station, the area’s most exclusive shopping center near Johns Hopkins Lutherville location. 

The trend for retailers to reinvent themselves has been going on for decades. The market dynamics are making many well documented changes as for example Macy’s announced this week the planned closing of 20% of its retail locations. 

Innovation has always been at the heart of Mano Swartz.  Breaking the color line on shopping in Baltimore in the 1950s to developing the first knit and fur handbags in the 1990s are the kind of change that was always embraced. 

The move to pop-up only allows Mano Swartz Furs to deliver even greater value for the fur wearing consumer. This was evident as often 500 or more shoppers showed up looking to buy at this past month’s events. Many left thrilled with fur purchases that were once only had at a much higher price. 

Buying from furriers in North America and Europe at a deeply discounted price means the offerings at a pop-up event can be very complete. Vintage furs are the heart of the collections from mink stoles of the 1960’s to fur and leather fitted strollers and the 1970’s to the oversized fox coats of the 1980’s. 

Not only getting a great “deal” on a fur but also the shopping experience make a pop-up fur sale event a day to remember. “ It’s remarkable to see so many customers helping each other find a fur they really like” stars David Swartz, fifth-generation furrier. “It’s quite a party, what’s more fun that a great deal on a fur you will enjoy for years!”, he continues. 

Unlike tradition fur stores where there are mostly older shoppers these events draw a wide range of age groups. A lot of 20-30 year olds bought “retro” furs because they are so “cool” said one shopper. Environmentally conscious shoppers bought because “previously loved” fur is the best choice to help the planet. These furs come represent a sustainable resource with almost zero carbon footprint. 

Mano Swartz’s latest evolution is a win for consumers, the environment and America’s Oldest Furrier!