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Est. 1889

I get calls every day with all kinds of questions about fur and fur coats. A common question that I get, especially when we’re in the variantly cool and transitional  ‘Spring Showers’ or the ‘Autumn Drizzles’ seasons, is about wearing real furs in the rain and if it’s okay for them to get wet. “Is […]

As the temperatures rise, it is time to store and revitalize all types of furs, which is essential in maintaining them that they may stay beautiful so they can continue to keep you warm in times yet to come. Furs can be valuable, both financially AND sentimentally, so caring for them is of the upmost […]

November. If you haven’t already, it is time tuck away the ice cream season shoes and shorts, and make room to break out your winter wardrobe.  If you haven’t got your furs out of storage already, scheduling your pickup or delivery as soon as possible is easy! Just go to: As we progress closer to […]

Whether you have a fox fur jacket, a sable fur stroller, a mink stole, or a coyote fur coat, ALL fur, even pieces trimmed with fur, takes specialized care to keep it looking it’s best for years to come. Even most faux fur needs to be cleaned by professional fur cleaning methods, NOT dry cleaning! […]

Although it might not quite feel like it yet, Spring is here!  As we’re transitioning to the warmer weather, most of us still want to wear our fur.  But that full length fur coat is just too much.  This is the time of year when a lot of our customers consider restyling their fur coats […]

Maintenance through Summer Storage: Glory through Glazing If you want to cherish your fur and wear it with delight, you need to have us store and condition your fur each April. We will eliminate the airborne pollutants, the accumulated debris of dust and cosmetics, and the residue of perfumes and fragrances that can exhaust the […]

sheared mink coat

This blog is from my recent book, “To Fur,With Love” Anyone who is going to buy a fur coat should read this. As this video explains, and as the clips on our official site demonstrate, there are seven factors that should influence your purchase of a fur coat: color, style, lifestyle, length, quality, fit, and […]

What is Fur Restyle Love? Please let me explain. If you have a wonderful fur that you enjoy and you can feel the “love” of the care it gives you, or the “love” from the person who bought it for you or who you inherited it from. Or the self “love” when you purchased it […]

Ask me Anything (AMA). That’s what Lady Fur did. She asked me some really very personal/fur business questions. So ask me anything, anything about furs, how they are made, fur fashions, fur quality or even about my experiences here at Mano Swartz furs the last 34 years. I love to share information about my family as […]