America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Maintenance through Summer Storage: Glory through Glazing

If you want to cherish your fur and wear it with delight, you need to have us store and condition your fur each April.

We will eliminate the airborne pollutants, the accumulated debris of dust and cosmetics, and the residue of perfumes and fragrances that can exhaust the natural oils in the leather underneath your fur coat or fur accessory.

We will isolate these agents, including the residue of hairspray and any other alcohol-based products that can weaken the shine, shape, suppleness, and longevity of your fur.

Our proprietary conditioning preserves that glorious glaze and keeps your fur looking like the beauty it is.

This process, honed, refined, and perpetuated over the course of more than 125 years, is a customized exercise—for a personalized product—that includes having a veteran inspector examine the fur with the meticulous eye of a collector and the sensitive feeling of an artist.