America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

On December 31, 2019 Mano Swartz, America’s Oldest Furrier est. 1889, evolved from a brick and mortar store to exclusively an event pop-up retailer.   For 130 years Mano Swartz has a physical retail fur store in Baltimore City or nearby. Stores including a flagship location on Howard Street during the hay day of inner city […]

The name Mano Swartz has been synonymous with fur coats since 1889. Over the past 130 years, many things have changed at Mano Swartz.  Through the years,  we have put countless fur stoles,  fur jackets,  fur strollers and coats on the shoulders of so many of our happy customers.  And we will continue to do […]

What was your inspiration for the idea to create the piece? The quilt was heavily influenced by a high school trip to Gee’s Bend Alabama in 2007. If you’re not familiar with the history of Gee’s Bend and the quilters, do yourself a favor, do a google search. The quilters brought us into the room […]

Ask me Anything (AMA). That’s what Lady Fur did. She asked me some really very personal/fur business questions. So ask me anything, anything about furs, how they are made, fur fashions, fur quality or even about my experiences here at Mano Swartz furs the last 34 years. I love to share information about my family as […]

On April 21st, we have the honor of hosting an event with the Maestro. Glenn Roscoe is perhaps best known for his work on the piano. This evening with the Maestro will take place at Mano Swartz located in Green Spring Station on Falls Road. Guests will have the opportunity to hear him play live […]

I am the great-grandson of Mano Swartz, founder of Mano Swartz Furs (Established: 1889), America’s oldest furrier. The story of this company begins with a transatlantic voyage, a two-week tutorial in American history narrated by an old Union soldier to a young boy from Mitteleuropa. The veteran, who befriends the child (because of the latter’s […]

Now that Martin Luther King’s Day has come  I wanted to share an excerpt of the book I am now writing, “A Lifetime of Luxury Revealed:What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Luxury Good or Service”  because I am reminded of my grandfather, James Mano Swartz and his brave actions. “My grandfather’s actions […]

Mano Swartz may be 126 years old, but the updated website reinforces the fresh online retail experience we have all been looking for. From the welcoming and visually stimulating home page, to the overall functionality of the site, the updated Mano website is your one stop shop for all your fur needs. Home: Over the […]

A Story of Life and Luxury, or: How to Create a Great Brand In response to the universal question about business, “How do you create a great brand?” I see the answers on the wall. There, enclosed within their respective gold-painted, ornate wood frames, are portraits of three men, each regally attired – outfitted like […]