America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

On December 31, 2019 Mano Swartz, America’s Oldest Furrier est. 1889, evolved from a brick and mortar store to exclusively an event pop-up retailer.   For 130 years Mano Swartz has a physical retail fur store in Baltimore City or nearby. Stores including a flagship location on Howard Street during the hay day of inner city […]

We already associate the color green with the holidays, from adornments of holly swags and hanging sprigs of mistletoe, to decorated trees.  But we also really seriously need to associate “green” with sustainable use. This is the time of year we see a lot of faux fur in fashions and holiday trims.  Faux fur was […]

What was your inspiration for the idea to create the piece? The quilt was heavily influenced by a high school trip to Gee’s Bend Alabama in 2007. If you’re not familiar with the history of Gee’s Bend and the quilters, do yourself a favor, do a google search. The quilters brought us into the room […]

I had not heard of The Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival in Anchorage, Alaska until just a few months ago, even though it’s been an annual occurrence since 1935. Or as the locals call it, “Rondy.” The 84-year-old celebration started as a three-day sporting event timed to coincide with the return of miners and trappers loaded […]

As the days are nearing their shortest of the year, and the holidays are upon us, probably the most famous fur wearing personality of the season has had many names around the world over the centuries; Saint Nicholas, Père Noël, Kriss Kringle, Sinterklaas, and Father Christmas. But today we simply know him as Santa Claus. […]

November. If you haven’t already, it is time tuck away the ice cream season shoes and shorts, and make room to break out your winter wardrobe.  If you haven’t got your furs out of storage already, scheduling your pickup or delivery as soon as possible is easy! Just go to: As we progress closer to […]

I love October.  Especially Halloween. It’s probably my most favorite of holidays. You can be anything you want to be. Want to be a princess?  Or a ninja?  Or a vampire?  Or a zombie? Or a ninja princess vampire zombie?  You can be it. Whether you’re dressing as a character from the much anticipated last […]

Wearing fur is so prevalent in human culture that it has even reached our illustrations and animation, from comic books to cartoons. The fur coat wearing character that is usually thought of first is Cruella De Vil  from ‘101 Dalmations’.  Although her fur coat and matching fur handbag emphasize her sense of high couture, she […]

People have been wearing fur for a really, really long time.  But we’ve come a long way from our cave dwelling ancestors wearing fur for warmth and protection from the elements.  And even though we still wear furs for the same reasons, the styles have certainly changed as much as we have. Most of us, […]