America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

As the temperatures rise, it is time to store and revitalize all types of furs, which is essential in maintaining them that they may stay beautiful so they can continue to keep you warm in times yet to come.

Furs can be valuable, both financially AND sentimentally, so caring for them is of the upmost importance.  It’s no different than servicing your car, the maintenance of your home, or examining the settings of fine gemstones in jewelry.  The proper care will protect your precious possessions and assure that you will have many more years of use from them. 

A professional fur storage vault is NOT the same as your basement!  It is nearly impossible to duplicate the humidity controlled atmosphere in your home.  Basements can be too damp and you’ll end up with a moldy lining or worse.  Homeowners’s insurance policies do not cover mold, mildew, moths, vermin, or the drying out of skins. If your investment is worth insuring, it is worth professional storage.

Mano Swartz is your full service furrier.  Not only can we store and condition all of your furs and fur trimmed pieces, but for no additional charge we thoroughly inspect your furs. Tiny tears, worn spots, missing buttons, or other damage can be identified and repaired during the summer months while your furs are in storage so that they do not become bigger and more costly problems later.

Get a early start on your spring cleaning by bringing your furs to our showroom or schedule a pickup of your furs by going to;

See you soon!

Tina & The Mano Swartz Team