America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

In our increasingly seasonless world, where we dress as we please all year long (tank tops in December, boots in July, peeling off or piling on when we feel sweaty or chilly), don’t let any outdated, antiquated notions of what to wear and when to wear it dictate your fashion flair.  Just saying, we’ve ALL seen someone wearing white after Labor Day, right?

And your winter weather fur coats should already be in storage Mano Swartz!  If you haven’t got your furs into storage yet, it’s not too late!  Get your furs to Mano Swartz for the summer season to make room in your closets to break out your light and bright pieces, as well as your fun fluffy fur trimmed pieces and accessories!

In pastels and bold primaries, the variety in colors and styles of fur trimmed fashion pieces are endless!  From something vivaciously vibrant adding emphasis to an exceptional ensemble, all the way to a little light luxury on your shoulders to keep the cool of the evenings at bay, stylish and contemporary fur accented clothing are all on this season’s menu for summerly suiting.

Stand out by showing some sumptuous style with the glamour of fur trims!