America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Ah, Spring. 

For many of us it is a time a wardrobe exploration, whether it’s some spring cleaning to remove items that we don’t wear any more, or to figure out what items can layered together as temperatures fluctuate between warm and cool. Wearing fur in the spring is as easy as any other material because it makes any outfit just a bit more fun and glamourous.  An uncomplicated, casual look of a long sleeved light sweater with some shredded jeans topped off with a fox vest.  Or dress up your evening attire by throwing a pastel mink stole over the shoulders of your spring or cocktail dress.

Furs don’t have to be strictly for keeping warm.  Fur and fur trimmed pieces not only make an outfit stand out, but it adds a little allure and can be worn in so many ways.  As not only fashion companies, but also consumers have become more knowledgeable of the enviromental impact of petroleum-based synthetic faux furs, we are seeing more and more designers with fur back in their collections. After all, fur is sustainable, and the most durable, recyclable natural clothing material you can choose. Lightweight, warm and comfortable.  Not to mention it’s a softer and cozier alternative to the basic leather jacket.

Need to spruce up your spring sweaters with some sable trim? Jazz up that jean jacket? Looking for a furry cropped caridigan to covet?

Look no further than Mano Swartz.