America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Gone are the days of thinking fur in fashion means full length coats!  Everyone wants little bit of luxury without the large price tag and there is no better way to get that than some fur trimmed accessories.  As we’ve past the need of layering with capes and shrugs during the bi-polar thermometer of spring, now is the time for some summer fun fur flair!

Take that fox pom-pom clip off of your keychain and clip it some place else as an accent, like to a handbag to dress it up! You also could fasten the fluff ball to your phone. Or just go all in on one of the fantastic furry phone cases I’ve seen recently!

The popularity of fur accessories has taken over the fashion landscape so much so that it is no surprise that the trend has worked its way from our heads in the winter all the way down to our toes in the summer.  Fabulously fun furry slides and fur trimmed sandals will be your pièce de résistance of any glamorously casual comfortable combination, a lux look of cool composure in the climbing Celsius.

And the cherry on top of your super stylish summer gear?

A hat with some fluff to it!

How do YOU wear fuzzy fun in the sun?

See you soon!