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The fur coat you bought years ago is now out of style. You hid it in a dark corner of your closet and there is no chance you will be sporting it again too soon. Although you may want to consider selling your fur coat or donating it, think of repurposing it. Giving your old mink fur jacket or coat a serious facelift is something good furriers can do and the results are absolutely incredible. To get a brand new coat with a fresh look, here is what can be adjusted in order for you to sparkle in fur again.

Up with the Hem

Fur Coat MakeoverThirty years ago a fur coat would normally touch your ankles. Once en vogue, long, bulky coats were pretty uncomfortable to wear, not giving women enough freedom of movement. Raising the hem just above the knee will instantly take your coat from boring to chic: its formal appeal will be kept while tattered parts disappear. If you want to go for something a tad edgier, have the hem taken up to the hip. Your coat will acquire a fresh and modern look, being super comfortable to wear whenever you are out shopping, running errands, or going in and out of the car. In addition, your new and fashionable short fur coat will not suffer any more water damage or salt buildup – it will be safe from the wear and tear.

Remove the Sleeves

This smart tailoring move will give you a super-trendy fur vest that will look so “right now”. You can also opt for a wrap and, if you have some fur leftovers, consider a scarf or trimming for small accessories, such as a handbag, gloves, a pair of boots, or a headband.

Opt For a Different Cut

A new silhouette would change the look of your coat considerably. You can bring in the neckline, have the waist nipped, taper the sleeves and reduce shoulder fullness – your coat will look much more modern and will feel more functional due to the removal of excess fur.

Line and Shear

If the fur does not look appealing anymore, just turn it inside out and use it as a warm lining for a leather jacket or rain coat. Shearing will also bring a style update as it can transform a long coat into a lighter, more casual jacket. You can either have the whole coat sheared, or keep fur longer on the collar and sleeves.

Create Lavish Fur Accessories

An old mink coat can be easily transformed into a beautiful throw, blanket or pillow – very trendy and luxurious accessories for the home right now. They will instantly add an elegant touch to any space.

Contact your trusted furrier for a professional opinion – you are very likely to end up with a new and surprising fur style with contemporary silhouette. That’s what we call fashion satisfaction.