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Every woman looks good in the right outfit, but she will look totally gorgeous in a fur coat. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new fur item. What then? The best option for women on a budget who want to look expensive and refined is to purchase a pre-owned fur coat. From barely worn garments to vintage items, anyone can find a flattering style to own and to cherish.

Used Fur Coats Jackets And VestsFortunately, for those who don’t want to break the bank for a fur jacket, coat or vest, there are many people who decide to sell and look for someone who buys fur coats. Often, they move to a warmer climate and don’t need a thick fur coat anymore. They could be ultra-rich and only want to be seen wearing the same item two or three times before they get a new one. They might have inherited a mink, chinchilla or other type of fur but they prefer wearing different styles. They also could have simply outgrown their fur and need a bigger size and a different fit.

Why would you consider buying a used fur coat?

  • You won’t need to pay a small flat deposit for it. Compared to a brand new fur coat, a previously worn one will sell for 85-90% off the listing price which means you will get fantastic value for a great price.
  • Nothing will ever keep you warmer on a cold winter day with freezing temperatures than natural fur. And that’s a fact.
  • Fur is more fashionable than ever. From Milan to Paris and from New York to London fashion brands showcased amazing fur designs bringing this luxurious fabric into the spotlight for winter 2015.
  • Fur is versatile and matches any style, from casual to super-glam. It will look equally good with jeans and boots and a cocktail dress and heels.
  • You can finally add to your wardrobe a stylish item you once thought was limited just to fashion runways and the closets of rich fashionistas.
  • You will definitely get more noticed in a fur coat.
  • A luxurious mink, sable, fox or chinchilla coat will be the perfect item to help you channel your inner Hollywood diva.
  • Thanks to the price tag you will probably be able to afford purchasing more than a fur coat. You can also think of a mink vest, a fur bag, or other fur accessories to match your jacket or coat.
  • If you buy a vintage coat, your chances of meeting someone else wearing a similar style are very slim. You will look so original in your unique fur which will get you kudos for your flawless fashion sense.

If you find the idea of a previously loved fur coat or jacket appealing, feel free to browse the entire collection of pre-owned fine Mano Swartz furs to pick your favorite.