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It’s time to walk the dog and it’s cold outside and besides we are having the blizzard of 2016.

shutterstock_242777377Your are ready, your hat is on but that ski jacket will just not keep you warm enough. The wind is blowing, the snow is heavy and you don’t want to wear your fur jacket. You don’t want to ruin it.

WAIT RIGHT THERE!!!!  Put on your fur! Nothing will keep you as warm plus you will not hurt your fur! Furs are natural water repellants. The long guard hairs keep the animals dry plus the natural oils repel the water also. Even if for some reason you fall in the snow the fur will be fine.

But you must know the dos and don’t once you get back inside. To dry your fur never put your fur near direct heat such as a fireplace or a hair dryer. Heat will shrink the fur. Simply shake it out well and hang it in a dry area of your house.


Now get out there and walk the pooch, you may even enjoy it with your cozy fur on. And if something drastic happens….

like a car goes by and splashes you and the fur gets saturated then it is important for you to bring in to us immediately.

Enjoy your fur it is made for winter, cold and definitely for snow.

If you have any other questions about fur care go to