America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

While in your closet:closet smaller
• Keep it uncovered (not in a bag) so fur can breathe.
• Stay away from moth balls, basements and cedar as fur absorb odors easily.
• Use a fur storage hanger to protect the shoulders.
• Avoid candles, heaters, fireplaces as heat will destroy the fur.

Each April:
• Professionally store your fur with a furrier so that the summer heat and humidity will not affect your fur. Both will cause it to dry out over time.

While in storage:
• Have it Conditioned and Glazed so that moisture will be restored to the pelts and it will look its best. Once the fur dries out it’s over, the fur is no longer reparable or wearable.

When wearing your coat:
• Unbutton it when you sit down so that there is no undue stress on the pelts.
• Know that snow and rain will not harm your fur. Shake it out when you home. (if soaked bring it to a furrier ASAP).
• Enjoy it in good health!