America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

OK, so we may not quite be reaching soaring temperatures that are reaching dizzying heights of heat, but the weather is certainly losing its chill, making many fur lovers retire their pieces for another few months, until the winter calls for a comeback. However, fur is becoming seasonless, with the catwalk incorporating fur into all collections, from winter, right through to the summer. It’s all about thinking outside of the box and not just placing your limitations of fur wearing on the good old fur coat; branch out, be brave and expand your fur horizons to allow your love of all things fur cross seasonal border.
summer fur

Whether it is a bag, a collar or even cuffs – don’t necessarily think that wearing fur means you have to have it on your body in the form of clothing. Accessories work just as well, look just as chic and give many outfits a boost that they just otherwise wouldn’t have. Obviously, by not wearing the fur directly on your body, you aren’t affected by the heat that it creates, meaning that you can rock a fur clutch any time of the year without worrying about overheating for the sake of your fashion statement.

Keep it light
While fur is definitely becoming more and more acceptable in spring and summer wardrobes, don’t wear dark and oppressive colors that are going to look completely out of place. Light colors such as white and pastels work best and don’t be scared to mix your textures; the 70s trend is huge this season, so mix your fur with a swishy bell sleeved dress in true 70s chic style.

Walk this way
That’s right – you can wear fur on your shoes, not in the form of boots. The barely there shoe with a block heel is a real wardrobe staple this season, and many designers such as Gucci have incorporated fur into their shoe designs, with many going for spicing up the barely there front strap with some fur. Gucci was brave enough to make a full fur shoe, as well as fur pom poms that hang off a shoe boot; go as daring as you like, just be careful not to look like you’ve left the house in your slippers.

A vest is best
If you want to wear fur on your person, as opposed incorporating it into your outfit as an accessory, the best way to do this is in vest form. Buy a vest in a light fox fur that is in a knit design, which promotes air flow, meaning you won’t get too hot. Short vests won’t make you stand out as somebody who looks out of place for the season, and best of all, they look great with just about any other item of clothing.