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How to sell fur coats

Sell fur coats

Sell fur coats

Sell Fur Coats: We hear from people all over the US that want to sell their fur coat. Cases vary from inherited a fur from a grandma to no longer wanting it because the style has become dated. No matter what the reason its takes time and effort to get the most you can for your fur.

But how to sell a fur coat and where to sell a fur coat?

Sell Fur Coats:There are not a lot of places that buy fur coats. Some may do fur coat consignment. Selling mink coats is like selling anything else. You need first to know what you have and then find out the market price (the price someone is willing to pay).

Start by searching for “furrier near me”. Ask them if they buy used furs, if they have used coats for sale and if they would be willing to identify your fur type and age.

Since many fur coat buyers shop online you may be able to sell your fur online or at least obtain a selling value. A quick eBay search for a like item that has sold will yield good information. If you see a mink coat like yours, you will know what someone else paid for it. And you might consider eBay as a way to accomplish this.

Some sites offer cash for fur coats and offer services for people selling furs. With a little research and by calling the business you may be confident enough to send them your fur. See if they have many positive google reviews for selling fur coats.

It will take some work,  but with good research, you can sell a fur coat for maximum price. Talk with a few local furriers, a few buying sites online and even talk with friends how may have been through the process before to determine your best route. You may also do best by waiting until the weather is cold as fur sales tend to increase then.

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