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I just heard a friend of mine say, “October is my Favorite Color!” 

At first, I just laughed.  But after really thinking about it, I realized that I could not agree more.

October holds so many of the richly hued colorations of nature, during a time of the year when nature reminds and shows us that letting go can be a vibrantly beautiful process.  And one of the most popular colors of the fall season is pumpkin.

Pumpkins actually come in a lot of colors!  Green, yellow, red, pink, white, blue, and even tan, but there are at least a couple of hundred varieties of pumpkins in the shade they are most known for, orange.

Since 1953, The Orioles have made orange and black a very popular color combination in Baltimore ANY time of the year!  But you don’t need to be a baseball fan to incorporate orange into your wardrobe!  Shades of orange can be light enough to be almost blush in color all the way to almost red.  And any shade of orange is a great way to add colorful pop and pizzazz to anything.

If you would like to celebrate one of the favorite colors of fall by integrating hues of orange into your wardrobe, or even your household, with fur trimmed fashions, Mano Swartz can help!