America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Molly and Kevin

I started at Mano Swartz March of 2015. I was fresh out of college, engaged, and wasn’t sure what the next few months would bring. My husband, Kevin, actually met The Owner at the gym. My husband is a unique guy. He has a really positive energy and loves people really well. He was training for Navy Special Warfare, so he spent a lot of time at the gym. It was thanks to Kevin that I found this job.

Richard and Kevin got to talking. Kevin starting helping Debbie in her garden, and before I knew it Kevin said Richard had an opening. This was only supposed to be temporary, as Kevin was leaving soon, and a few months after that I was set to join him. But, life had other plans for us. After a few months away at training, I got the call that Kevin was coming home. He had a minor heart condition, but it was too much of a liability. So, now what?

Months passed and a lot has changed. We have been able to get back on our feet and adapt to that curveball. But, I couldn’t have done it without the love and support that came from being employed here at Mano Swartz.

People make a company. There are about eight or so full-time people here. So, we better like each other. We see each other every day–more often then we see our families, so we kind of created one here. These are some of the hardest working people I know and everyone relies on each other to get the work done. Because, without each and every one of these people Mano Swartz wouldn’t be what it is today.

Other then Richard and Debbie, Julita has been here the longest. She probably gets more done in one day then all of us combined. She is an incredibly hard worker–but she’s also amazing at what she does. She is honest and not afraid to tell Richard to relax.

Liz is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You can tell she loves her family and will do anything to support them. She is a full time employee and a full time mom. But, she does a great job at both.

Ileana left a little before me, but any customer that has been with us for a while probably knows who she is. She is always level headed, and never lets her emotions get the best of her. She works hard and can literally fix anything. She became one of my best friends, and I definitely have Mano Swartz to thank for that one.

Julien, he may look young (and he is) but he has been here for eight years. All of the Mano customers think he is Richard’s son, and if I didn’t know better–I would think so too. From the day I met him to now, he has grown and matured the fastest. He takes on more responsibility and I’m really proud of him.

Then there’s Joe. He picks up your coats and delivers them back to you. I bet you couldn’t guess how old he is. Joe is one of the funniest people I know. Everything is a little happier when he walks through those doors.

Cynthia is a miracle worker. If you had your coat restyled in the past couple years–she probably created it. She is the best in the business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. She’s also an incredible friend and coworker. Lunch wouldn’t be the same without her, and neither would Mano.

You probably know Richard as “The Owner”. And, he is. Fourth generation furrier, and probably the most technologically savvy one that there is. He really cares about his employees, and he really loves his customers. There is a reason why it feels different when you walk through those doors- he wants you to have a good time and would do anything to make his customers happy. There aren’t a lot of people like him.

Then there is Debbie–she’s the real deal. I can’t tell you how much I look up to her. She is one of the most incredible people I know (I know, I said that about all these people) but I really mean it. She’s the reason this place looks so good. She also handles the Instagram and if you don’t follow, you are missing out. Debbie loves her family, both her biological family, and her work family.

If you’re a customer here, you know these people, and probably love them as much as I do. But, when you get to be around them everyday–you learn more than you ever expected. And, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of them.

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