Fur Dance?

finalIn this life sometimes, well many times, heck most of the time I just need to have fun. Is it like what a lot of people call “bliss”? If so let’s get the bliss on. We all know the many hardships life presents so we will call this the counter balance.  Holding happiness and sadness at the same time is life’s great balancing act. So let’s get on with The Fur Fun.

So, how does it work? Simple!

You throw on a fur, go to musical.ly app, pick a song and start shaking your body.


It’s fun, it’s fun and it’s the tree of life- you can pick any fur from expensive chinchilla to serious sable, from a foxy fox to a sleek sheared mink to a wild bright colored fur scarf.


To really do it, swing by our place or download the app musical.ly and send us the file.

Happy Dancing! We can’t wait to see it.
The Owner


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    PLEASE don't feel shame or guilt about how you're feeling, Wanda. Knowing your history, I understand how this tragic news touches your life in painful ways. Make sure you express your pain – and find support in those who love you. Try to limit your watching of news, or reading about this trauma so you don't overwhelm your already fragile self. Sending you ((hugs)).

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