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What is Fur Restyle Love? Please let me explain.

Fur Restyle Love

Fur Restyle Love

If you have a wonderful fur that you enjoy and you can feel the “love” of the care it gives you, or the “love” from the person who bought it for you or who you inherited it from. Or the self “love” when you purchased it for yourself after achieving a big life goal.

In this case give it the care and “love” it needs.

See where this is going?

If you once love your fur but now you are “over it”, you are really “disinterested”. Your have lost interest as the style has become more and more dated. There has become a disconnect between your lifestyle and its style. “Disinterest” is cured by reinvention or as we say in the fur world, “restyle”, which better yet could be called “upcycling”. This is when you recycle something to reuse it in an even better form. Master furriers and designers specialize in the craft of fur makeovers or Fur Restyle Love.

Or maybe the “love” had not just faded but it is completely gone. Now when you open the closet door you have an “aversion” to that fur coat that is hogging space. It was exciting when it was new and there were years of use and fun but you have just moved on. Time to part ways, to find a place that buys used fur coats, cash it out and look to the future.

Fur Restyle Love

Fur Restyle Love

Fashion should be about interest and “fun”. Fur fashion in its purest form is just that. Experience the latest designs from the best designers in the world. From Fendi to Gucci and thousand of designers in between their creativity will blow you away. A Burberry cape with woven mink pockets, so cool and hip you won’t be able to resist. This is “fun”! Not to mention the time you get to show it to your daughter or mother. How about the first time you break that bad boy out! You’re rocking, “fun” like this is not everyday!

Feel left out of what is happening? Then you are not getting the real “Inside Scoop”. This blog is what the fur world is all about. If you have any topics you want me to cover please let me know . Being an insider is cool but the next level of knowing what’s happening is “Being Current”  and that’s all about Social Media. With over 20,000 followers,  our platforms are telling the story of furs, people, fashion and “fun”. Our Facebook page  features “the Fur Dance” and in store happenings. Our Instagram page has over 4000 followers and over 1400 posts. You want to be inspired and excited about furs you got to check this out! Most of all chck out Fur Restyle Love.

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