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Est. 1889

Ciao Mano Swartz followers!

It’s Lady Fur writing =) For those of you still don’t know me I’m a fur influencer (the only one in the world about fur but I don’t like to value this part because it seems I am boasting ).

One night I was surfing on the web, (I was looking for new friends with my same passion for furs) and I met Richard Swartz in a Fetish Fur Forum I’M JOKING SERIOUSLY I’M JOKING. I love playing…

I met Richard Swartz, on the web, but  instead of revealing, now,  how, when, what we said, what happened, how I reacted to his message and what Richard Swartz the owner of Mano Swartz the oldest furrier of America did and proposed !!  I prefer to share with you the video TRAILER.

Mano Swartz and Lady Fur 


Lady_Fur_Mano_Swartz_Baltimore_17You can’t imagine what we did in ten days with Mano Swartz team in Baltimore in August, I went on a skateboard with 15 cm heels with Richard in one of his secret vaults  full of fur, I shot Mano Swartz furs in a vintage gym while all the men were training, did a shooting in  seventies style Tullington fur and lots of other things. I wore all Mano Swartz’s furs, some of them I have shared on my blog and some you can find here below. Mano Swartz furs are amazing.

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I was present when they shot Mano Swartz fur coats and accessories with models. It was so fun,  the models  are all smiling because it was the most fun day of my long experience with the Mano Swartz team.

Here I share some photos of me Lady Fur wearing Mano Swartz fur to see all post on my fur blog with Mano Swartz fur coat please click here 


Lady Fur wearing Mano Swartz fox collar


Lady Fur wearing mink belt 80s’ style


Lady Fur wearing Mano Swartz

The video that you are watching as I told you before i’s a video trailer. The long video about the whole experience and really interesting conversation will be online in December.

Use my image my style as an inspiration =)

I wish you good shopping on Mano Swartz.

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Lady Fur