America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

With temperatures at the bottom of the thermometer, we are now fully in fur wearing season!

I wanted to share again a few important reminders for caring ALL TYPES OF FUR:

  • Do not store your fur in a cedar chest or closet! The oils can harm the fur and cedar will dry it out.
  • Avoid putting fur near moth balls. Furs will absorb the odor and smell badly.
  • Do not keep fur in sunlight or a garment bag, especially a plastic bag.
  • Fur needs air circulation to keep from drying out, but keep it in the dark.
  • Avoid using hairspray or perfumes when wearing your coat. Most contain alcohol which dry, or oils that penetrate the fur and eventually become nasty smelling. The odor is extremely difficult to remove.
  • When you sit down, unbutton your coat to relieve stress across the fur. If sitting for a long period, take your coat off to avoid crushing the fur. (I put mine in my lap like a blanket to keep me warm!)

I hope these helpful hints will keep your furs in their best condition so that they keep you warm for many years to come!

And if your fur is not at it’s best, Mano Swartz can help!

Whether you need to fix your fox jacket, sew your sable stroller, monogram your mink stole, or cut shorter your coyote coat, look no further than Mano Swartz, your full service furrier, all year long.

Happy New Year!