America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

What do Celine, Gucci and Fendi, all have in common?


Photo credit to UGG Australia

They are on the leading edge of a new fur trend, footwear.

Fur has been hot on the runway for quite a few seasons now, so it is no surprise that the trend has migrated south and found its way to the feet. Furry shoes on the runway has become a trend. Some of the styles are tasteful and practical, but some are a bit cringe-worthy. Use with discretion.

Fur and feet have cozied up for a while, think discovering the North Pole on foot…
The foot has always loved the softness and warmth of fur. UGG boots became a huge (thank Donald) success because of this.


Photo Credit to Fendi

But fur sneakers? Who knew? Of course it was Fendi that made a reality of these two unlikely mates- fur with its glamour and sneakers with their comfort and casualness. Unlike the accidental combination of chocolate and peanut butter to form Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, this new pairing combines two major fashion trends; fur and comfort.

Fur is exploding in popularity around the globe lead by young and established fashion designers. Showing up in new forms like fur- trimmed sunglasses. Fur is ubiquitous.

The colorful range definitely plays to all things cozy, as bathrobe-style coats and flatform slippers (also made from fur) are among the standout styles. This certainly isn’t the first time that Fendi has given its storied fur-centric wears a more youthful spin. Considering how ubiquitous the Italian brand’s fuzzy Karlito and initialed bag charms have been among the street style set this year, we’re fully expecting to see these shoes keeping plenty of high-powered feet toasty come Fashion Month next winter.

But, who doesn’t want to be comfortable especially in the feet?
So fur boots sprung fur shoes and now you have the very latest, fur sneakers!

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