America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

People have been wearing fur for a really, really long time.  But we’ve come a long way from our cave dwelling ancestors wearing fur for warmth and protection from the elements.  And even though we still wear furs for the same reasons, the styles have certainly changed as much as we have.

Most of us, myself included, were exposed to seeing fur in fashion for the first time on the big screen.

Do you remember the first time you saw fur in fashion in the movies?

Was it the iconic Marilyn Monroe classic film “The Seven Year Itch” scene with her wearing a black sparkling gown trimmed in black with white tipped fluffiness, and red fur slippers?  Or was it a more recent film, like the “Why Did I Get Married?” shopping scene where cast members were all wearing fur fashions, but Janet Jackson is wearing that amazing long sable fur wrap?

The small screen has also had some incredible fur fashions as well.  Few television shows have had the opulent wardrobe of “Dynasty”,  a piece which stood out the most to me was the floral embroidered fur coat worn by character ‘Cristal Flores’.  Or the fashion forward and trend setting “Sex in the City” with a lot of fur pieces worn by the cast, but Carrie Bradshaw’s raccoon coat that she wore in the 1st season was a hold over, and she wore it throughout the series.

Perhaps it was pop culture.  From sports to music, there are so many examples to list.  Babe Ruth, famously in his raccoon fur coat. Joe Namath, first in the 1970s when he originated wearing fur coats on the sidelines to most recently at the Super Bowl 2014 coin toss. Pharrell Williams in a quilted, patterned, multi-colored fur coat in GQ Magazine.  Or when Nicki Minaj performed at the 40th American Music Awards in 2012, looking like a pink haired winter wonderland snow princess, wearing an all white ensemble topped with a white fur jacket cinched at the waist.

What was your first or favorite?  Which one is something that you saw and would want for yourself?