America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

I love October.  Especially Halloween. It’s probably my most favorite of holidays. You can be anything you want to be.

Want to be a princess?  Or a ninja?  Or a vampire?  Or a zombie?
Or a ninja princess vampire zombie?  You can be it.

Whether you’re dressing as a character from the much anticipated last season of Game of Thrones or Mackest of Mack Daddies, headed out to the Renaissance Faire or are a weekend LARP warrior, adding some fur details to your costume can be the attribute that puts your guise over the top!

The Vikings didn’t wear faux fur so why should you? Anything that enhances the look of a character, including makeup, accessories, armor, accoutrements, and most importantly clothing, encourages immersion. And isn’t it just that, escaping the ordinary of every day if even for just a little while, that makes makes dressing up in costumes so much fun?


Mano Swartz is America’s Oldest Full Service Furrier, so not only can we store your stole, condition your coyote, and remake your mink, but we can also help you with the fantastic fun furry details to get your masquerade into the final round of the Best Costume Contest!

Send us your frightening or fun in fur costume pictures!

P.S.   Happy Halloween Birthday, Mom!