America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Why will fluffy fur coats will become the rage in the next 5 years?

The ebb and flow of fur fashion is not based on the lunar gravitational pull. Fur fashion and what type of fur coats are popular has to do with a much more to do with people than planets, moons and science.

Fox coats, chinchilla coats an even mink coats wax and wane in terms of fashion because each fur type and the style in which is made reflect the time times. The roaring twenties has the silver fox stole, the optimistic fifties had the raccoon coat, the booming eighties had the over-sized lynx coat, and the low-key nineties had the subtle fur lined jacket. The first decade of the 21st century had the throwback vintage fur coat.

Today many people want fur vest, fur jackets and fur coats that say fur! In our society today people are choosing many different lifestyles, from downsizing, to moving south, to growing our own food to you name it. But the people who want fur are wanting more and more for the fur to look like a big warm and fluffy fur.

This means fox jackets and coats, lynx capes, fisher vests and Asiatic raccoon will lead the way. Michael Kors a leading American fur designer just showed may furs in his NY fashion week show. And I think more and more fur designers will feel the same way about a fur coat. A fur coat will be fluffy and fun, fluffy and elegant, but it will in the end be a fluffy fur coat.

Or is it that today’s fur coat and mink coat buyers don’t remember the eighties and just understand the warms, the beauty and the awesomeness of a long hair fur coat? Even the raccoon coat is being reinvented. It’s not just for the guys of The Ivy League. I was in Penn Station tonight in New York City and the young woman next to me while waiting for our trains had a banging raccoon vest with a hood. Somehow with her jeans, boots, fingerless gloves it just said “NOW”!

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