America’s Oldest Furrier
Est. 1889

Have a vintage fur and looking to heat up your home décor? How about recycling your precious fur coat, transforming it into one or more stylish home accessories? Besides owning unique and lavish home décor items, you will add a deluxe touch to your home, whether your interiors are modern or classic. And, if you are the lucky owner of a forest cabin, well, that’s where fur will be “at home”.

Fur coats recycled into accessoriesFur brings warmth and comfort to home décor, lending an unparalleled feeling of coziness to any space. It enhances wooden furniture, but looks equally great with contemporary glass, steel and leather. Fur home décor is really welcoming and no one will be able to resist running their fingers across this natural fabric. Although selling your fur coat is always a great option,  you cannot go wrong with fur in your home -from après ski cabin benches to fur throws for your sofa.

There are many chic accessories you can choose from to give your interiors a bohemian touch, but these are our absolute favorites:

Pillows and Bolsters

The ultimate in opulent comfort, fur pillows and bolsters are as indulgent as they are gorgeous. Choose yours in various colors for a sophisticated visual effect and let yourself be seduced by their sumptuous plush feel (your guests will do the same!). Fur pillows are the ideal décor pieces for sofas, beds and chairs, being not only fancy, but also extremely functional as they provide extra back support whenever you are seated. Got to love them!


Fur throws look truly decadent and dramatic, especially on a sofa in front of a crackling fire. Giving a rustic feel when matched with wood, and a contemporary-chic vibe to stark interiors, fur throws simply scream for attention. Imagine wrapping yourself in one on a cold winter day, sipping hot coffee and reading your favorite book. Heaven.


There is nothing more lavish than walking barefoot on a soft fur rug! It warms up any floor, adds amazing texture and accentuates every room. The ultimate in fur accessories, rugs will pamper your feet with their incredible softness, and will look amazing in cabins, homes and even offices. Add a layer of comfort to any living space and enjoy the luxury!

Stools and Poufs

These will become the most coveted seats in your home, so let them pop up everywhere! They will fit perfectly around a coffee table, under a console, or at the foot of your bed, inviting you to seat, rest and enjoy their warmth. Don’t wait to feel tired, just go ahead and indulge your taste for luxury with these practical yet sumptuous fur accessories!